4 Modern Coffee Tables That Enhance Your Decor

Eidolonai September 21, 2017

An important point to keep in mind before shopping for your table is size. Measuring the space where you would ideally like to have your coffee table as well as measuring the height of your sofa will help you identify just how large or small you should go with your table. You wouldnt want a coffee table that is much taller than your sofa, it will block your field of view and seem awkward. Also, a table that is too small in relation to the rest of your furniture or living room will be off scale.

Modern style coffee tables are statement-makers; they are bold while simple and elegant. Currently there are four modern styles that come up in many variations: glass top, oval shape, sleek with extra storage, and leather top. The glass top coffee tables are an ultra-modern style and pair well with simple furniture. Simple doesnt necessarily mean basic; simple can mean luxurious leathers, rich solid colors and soft textures. The ultra modern-style has a very sleek, minimalistic look and feel to it.

Oval shaped coffee tables are another fresh way of modernizing your dcor. Most coffee tables are rectangular in shape and oval shapes have been gaining in popularity. Another modern coffee table is the thin board table with a layer underneath for storage. Modern homes need to utilize all the space they can and these functional pieces work hard for their space. Lastly, another trend in modern coffee tables is leather. These all leather-pieces are generally used more for decoration rather than function. To add functionality, trays are placed on top as most are tufted and not stable enough to place drinks on directly.

Whichever style you choose, a coffee table is an essential piece of your living room. It blends practicality and style into a much used piece of furniture. The modern coffee table can boost the style quotient of your room as well as tie the rest of the furniture into one great look.

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