5 Table Tent Features To Do Without

Eidolonai February 28, 2018

There is really only one reason why you print table tent cards in the first place of course. You want those table tents to basically give you more sales, and more money in your business. Now, if you have deployed your table tents for a month or so and still have not yet garnered some good extra money out of them, then you may have a problem. There are five major reasons why table tents fail to give you that extra money. Let me explain to you each of these reasons so that you can know how to solve your table tent problems.

Bad Picture

The first and most basic reason why table tents fail is a bad picture. All custom table tents are dependent on their main picture for their success. It must always be powerful and enticing to the readers or basically it will fail. Readers need to see the sumptuousness of the food, the coolness of those drinks, or the feeling of luxury that exudes from those table tent products. Without special pictures that deliver those things, your custom table tents are bound to fail. That is why you should always hire a great photographer to get the best pictures for your table tents.

Bad Offer

The next reason why people ignore your table tents is because of a bad offer. You might think that just displaying your product will work for table tents, but typically if the offer does not look special, people may still ignore your prints. You always need a special offer to make your table tents work. It might be a discounted price for a product, maybe a special freebie on the side, or even a special meal package already decided for them. These great offers work well in getting people to actually pay attention to your color table tents. So make sure you compose your marketing messages appropriately in table tent printing.

Bad Quality

Another very crucial reason why you do not make money from your table tents is because of bad quality printing. If your custom table tents look flimsy, wet, damaged or just plain cheap, nobody really is tempted to read it and understand it at the outset of their experience. This of course means that you will not get your message across accurately, in turn giving you less money from those table tents. So it is quite important that you spend on quality table tent printing. Use all your resources to print table tent cards that have great paper quality and great ink quality. The better you spend on your table tents, the better your returns are from them.

Wrong Positioning

Sometimes, the failure of table tents to make money can be chalked up to bad or wrong positioning. You have to be very precise and deliberate in positioning your color table tents so that they can be the efficiently effective. Place those meal package promotional table tents in tables that are for four people or more, while those special double or single order packages can be placed for tables that are only for two. “Date” packages in table tents for couples are best placed on tables that are on the sides since couples tend to want to be in areas with some degree of privacy. Without this kind of positioning your table tents will fail. So make sure you think about this carefully.

Wrong Timing

Lastly, the failure of table tent cards can be just about the wrong timing. Typically this happens when you only use one kind of table tent throughout a typical working day. You should know that there are specific times when one kind of table tent offer is effective and another is not quite as good. Your lunch time packages are best shown at lunch of course, and those dinner lunch packages are also best at the appropriate times. You will not want to promote cocktails or beer in the morning hours of course, since most people preferably drink at night. If you do not match the right color table tents for the right day, you would not get the most out of their power. So make sure you really pay attention and use different table tents at the right times.

Hopefully you can learn from all of this and manage to spot where your own table tent printing is failing. Just try to correct these with the suggestions given above and you should have more money flowing from your investments in table tent printing.

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.


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