7 Ways to Select a Good Table Base

Eidolonai December 19, 2017

It might look a simple task but when it is time for the actual selection of anything, trust me it is not easy! And the selection of good table base is also no exception. Since there are so many types of designs available in the market, you need a pair of experienced eyes to find the right one. Here are few tips on how to select the right one for your requirement.

1. Design. Obviously it is one of the main factors of any selection that we have to do normally for any buying. After all, it is the foremost reason why we like things in the first place. However, it has to be also appropriate for the actual theme of the place where it will be in use. For instance, if you are opening a trendy high-end restaurant, modern design and contemporary bases will be suitable. On the other hand, a traditional, wooden carved type of bases will be needed for a big, grandeur type of eatery where mostly family gathering, party, banquets are organized. Therefore, one has to know the theme or type of restaurants you are going to open before selecting the actual bases. If you do not have any particular theme or type, it is always good to go for the simple and contemporary designs which almost fit to any given environment.

2. Material. It will be always helpful if you are familiar with the materials being used to make any particular product. Certain materials are used for certain reasons. In the case of table bases, cast iron is used for stability and indoor, aluminum is for lightweight and stainless steel is used for outdoor. Wood is used for mainly indoor and glass for modern looks and designs. If you have a wrong base by chance, it might not be a disaster but definitely will not last long. And that will be a total waste.

3. Quality. The quality is always very important. In order to check the quality of the bases, the general outlook has to be good and nicely made. The material used for the base also has to be good and strong enough. The part and accessories of the base have to properly fit and supplied. There should not be any defects, damages or roughly made surfaces etc. on the product. It has to be properly made.

4. Usage. Most of the bases are made according to the requirement of its usage. For instance, bases made for indoor purpose will not be suitable for outdoor use. Neither the one made for restaurant purpose will be good for office use. Therefore it is very important to know about the actual usage of the bases.

5. Color. The colors and finishes of the bases are also very important and certain colors are suitable for certain places only. For instance, black is always good for indoor and traditional places. White and colorful bases are suitable for modern and trendy places. Chrome plated and brushed stainless steel bases are very popular these days for all kind of eateries. Similarly, silver and aluminum color is mostly used for outdoor.

6. Price. Obviously price is always the main deciding factor for any purchasing decision. However, it is definitely not everything. The most important factor is not price but the right price. And trust me, finding it is not always easy. First of all, we have to be very clear of our requirements and needs. Then only will we be able to find the right product with right price. And we have to keep it in mind that right price does not necessarily mean always the low price.

7. Stability. The stability of the base is always the main virtue and sign of a good quality base. If the base is not strong and stable, it will wobble during the usage and could become a nuisance for all. And that is bad for business. Therefore, it is always very important to check the stability of bases before any buying. The best way to check the stability of the base is to assemble it first. And to check if there are any movements and loose parts while shaking it. The upper part of the base also must be even and straight.

These are just few ways to check and find the right table bases for your next project. Of course, this is just for the guidance only and there are definitely many more ways to find the right bases. However, if you can follow these ways as I have described here, I am sure that all will be alright. Thank you!

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