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Eidolonai December 2, 2017

Pool tables come in all sizes depending on what kind of games are going to be played on them. Most companies will allow one to customize the table they want to purchase. Also there are a wide variety of pre-made tables available on the market.

The history of billiards can be traced back to the 1400s. The king at the time King Louis the XI of France was a fan of the game. Now the tables were a bit more crude back then, the table that was used was an ordinary flat table and instead of felt the people who played used grass from the yard outside.

The techniques used from that point were constantly evolving. In the1800s an English craftsman began using slate material in his experiments. During this time he also experimented with different materials for the side rails before finally incorporating rubberized rails in 1835. Unfortunately the rubber material was not very cooperative, so testing was stopped. In 1843 an English engineer made a revolutionary breakthrough when he created the process called Vulcanization. This process was implemented in later rail designs and is still in use today during the manufacturing process.

There are multiple vendors that offer both pre-made designs and custom designs. In order to assist in finding the right design, I have added a few different companies and some of the styles that they offer. When looking for the right one for you; taste, playability, and overall feeling are essential factors to consider.

Probably the most recognized company in the billiards world is Brunswick. In 1845 they began manufacturing billiards products and have branched out into other markets. They are the one of the first companies to enter this market and were soon followed by other like-minded individuals. The owner took pride in his work and created works of art that are still enjoyed generations later.

Following in the footsteps of craftsmen that came before them, the Olhausen brothers began repairing and restoring billiards tables at a young age with their father. In 1973 the two got together and purchased a shop and tools and set forth continuing the repair business they learned form their father. After some time of doing this they started producing their own designs and turned their dream into a successful company that offers multiple styles that range from standard models to a aluminium design. In addition they offer a few different models that are designed for companies such as Budweiser, Jack Daniels and Harley Davidson.

The Conelly Billiards Company came onto the scene in 1980 when a young craftsman named Craig Connelly decided that he wanted to create works of art rather than wear a suit and tie every day. The world of billiards will forever be changed because of this decision. Connelly offers many designs that are works of art in themselves in addition they offer a custom service if one wants to create their own work of art.

Seeing how billiards industry has evolved is a wonderful thing. Each custom billiards design is unique, meaning each one that is created has its own personality and feel. When looking for an investment such as this, a good practice is to research multiple vendors to see the different styles that each one has to offer before making a final decision.

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