A Fishy Wedding Table Plan With A Good Deal Of Bite

Eidolonai October 13, 2017

I recently came across a wedding table plan which I think I can honestly say what about the fishiest table plan that I have ever come across. There may well have been one or two grooms in the past who have described their prospective mothers-in-law as being akin to the shark family. But in this particular case, sharks were the very theme of the wedding.

Or more accurately, fish and sea life in general. The couple in question are keen marine biologists, who met whilst on a research trip over in New Zealand. They decided that rather than having an ordinary, run-of-the-mill wedding table plan that was much the same as everybody else’s, they would have a little bit of fun.

There are really very few parts of a wedding that can be tailored in such an extravagant and humorous way as the wedding table plan, and so planning the seating and the overall layout and organisation of the room can be treated either as a rather dull task, or something to have a little fun with. This couple in question decided to have fun, and bring in their love of everything fishy to the entire occasion.

The tables were decorated with a combination of deep blue, white and a hint of green, with plenty of white curly streamers and confetti sprinkled about giving a really effective overall impression of the sea.

I’m sure that when it came to naming the tables there were a few ideas thrown out quite early on. Placing a particular group of people on a table, and referring to them as the table of sprat is probably likely to go down as well as placing your elderly aunt on the table of trout.

As it was the couple decided to name their tables not after types of fish, but the locations where their favourite fish can be found, such as the North Sea, the Great Barrier Reef and Kealekekua Bay. The only exception on their wedding table plan was a table that was specially planned for children, being placed fairly near the toilets, and near the exit so that once they finished they could go off and runabout. This particular table was simply called the School Of Fish!

Above the Top Table where often couples choose to have a balloon arc they had a specially commissioned blue shark set up, which was around 9 feet in length and made up of around 50 balloons! Even the individual place cards on tables were thought about, with each one cut out into the shape of a fish.

Of course, there could be very few alternatives when it comes to choosing the sort of main course on offer, and yes, it was of course fish!

I’m quite sure that every single person there enjoyed and appreciated the efforts that the couple had gone to to transform what can sometimes be a perfectly attractive, but nonetheless unextraordinary event into something that was truly unique, and very special to the couple.

Not only that, but the well organised layout of the wedding table plan also meant that every single person had no trouble finding their ‘plaice’!

Article written by Adam Leyton of Toptableplanner, an online table planning tool that takes the headache out of arranging your wedding table plan.

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