A Glance at Garden Tables

Eidolonai October 10, 2017

Garden tables, outdoor chairs, and chaises lounges, are inviting us to the “farniente” the “dolce vita” or to simply as we say back home to relaxing with friends in the back yard. So let’s see what we can find this year for garden tables.

This year again as in past years teak is the charmer. And it should be! Sturdy, long lasting garden tables made with teak can only seduce you. You can find them in all shapes, rectangular, square, round or oval and even octagonal. They will frequently accommodate 8 to 10 people and sometimes will also includes an extension leaf to accommodate larger groups.

Some collections even include small side tables to add to the functionality of the set. These can be folding side tables, or low tables that can be used as coffee tables.

If wood furniture is not to your liking, this year you can find lacquered aluminum tables that have a retro look that is very much in. These tables are light, and come in several shapes as well. These will remind you of the days when an old table was rusting at the end of the back yard, but there is a huge difference, because today’s aluminum has been treated with anti corrosion chemicals, to insure a long life even when exposed to harsh elements. They also come in beautiful colors such as fuchsia and bright green, but if you really want to go retro, you can also find it in rust color.

What about prices you will ask? Prices have like furniture followed the evolution of garden tables. They range from inexpensive to over $ 1000 for a solid teak table.

With a price like that we better hope for some sun!

Of course your choice of table has to be dictated not only by your budget but also by your needs. The best table for you is one that you will use.

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