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Eidolonai October 31, 2017

In the final step of organization, you’ll be visiting another frequented portion of your room. Although it may not be the first thing you notice when you walk in, your bedside table or nightstand is something that you use almost every single night. Just like the other “table tops” in the room, clutter can form quickly and easily. From old tissues to empty water glasses, a cluttered bedside table can be quite an eyesore in the room if you let it go for too long. Instead of pushing debris out of the way to set your alarm clock – take some steps to get it organized and keep it that way.

Just like our vanity and shelf tops, it’s a good idea to clear off your table and give it a good wipe down. Unlike the kitchen or living room, we don’t always think to give our bedroom’s surfaces the same attention. If you have allergies, removing dusty items this close to the bed can help cut down on nighttime or morning sniffles, as well. Once you’ve cleaned the area off, it’s time to decide what you truly need next to your bedside and what can go.

Obviously, an alarm clock is something that you’ll want to keep around. Placing it close to the edge of the table nearest to your bed will prevent you from sleepily knocking anything else over in the process when you go to turn it off in the morning. If you choose to have a small lamp on your table, you may want to consider replacing your current “table top” model with a more convenient “clip on” desk-style lamp. Available at any Wal-Mart style store, you can get these bendable lights that you can clip on the edge of a table. Instead of taking up space on the nightstand, your light will still be conveniently clipped at your bedside and essentially – it’s adjustable. They’re available in a number of colors and styles, so matching it to your bedroom’s décor is another fun detail you can take into consideration.

If you like to read or watch TV while in bed, chances are you have remote controls, magazines, or puzzle books lying on your bedside table, as well. Instead of keeping these items on your bedside, getting a fabric organizer for all of these items can easily be attached to the SIDE of your nightstand with a few nails or even thumbtacks. By keeping your magazines, remote controls, and even writing utensils within easy reach, you’ll be able to still partake in these “nightly ritual” activities without having to carefully stack them on the small table when you’re done. Unlike a coffee table or end table in the living room, using your nightstand as a storage unit for everything that comes through during the day isn’t a good idea. Placing a small, reasonably sized trash can near the bed can also prevent you from laying any trash on the bedside table, as well. If you like to drink a glass of water before bed, purchasing an inexpensive pack of Styrofoam or paper cups will still let you do so and then allow you to get rid of the remnants. Instead of having 5 water glasses pile up on your bedside and run the risk of falling over, you’ll be able to toss the cups when you’re done and shut off the lights.

If you’ve put a lot of consideration into coordinating your throw pillows to your bedspread, don’t let their overall appeal become compromised by a messy bedside table. By taking care of your closet, your vanity, and your nightstand – you’ll have cleaned up three very important elements of your bedroom while creating a more organized space overall. Although they’re small changes, the impact that they’ll have will change the way your mornings run from here on out. By making an effort to maintain the newly organized spaces – you’ll be able to function in your own bedroom like never before.

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