A Night Table For All Reasons

Eidolonai January 26, 2018

Sometimes people ask themselves why the need for a nightstand. Nobody really gives this piece of furniture a second thought when purchasing a bedroom set. It just seems to be there, attached to the bed and offering no real purpose.

When you really think about it, the average night table is fairly plain and boring. Usually it comes with one drawer on top and a shelf underneath, hardly big enough to store anything beyond a few magazines. No other purpose is to be served except to collect junk and dust. They usually are built to a standard height.

Fortunately there are nightstands in specialty furniture stores that are more than plain and boring. You can purchase a larger night table and one with a design that is not your usual run of the mill design that you see on so many of them.

Some nightstands have several drawers in them which add to your storage space. Instead of room enough for one lamp, you can purchase a larger stand and be able to use your CD player with CD collection. They have enough drawers so that you can store your favorite CDs which will keep them out of sight. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to music while in bed with your favorite book. When you have two of the larger nightstands, you have enough room for the speakers to be built in each one. Soft music in stereo doesnt come any better.

If you have additional space in your bedroom, than by all means look for oversized tables for each side of the bed. You can even purchase ones that are not standard in height. Also available are ones that have been copied from antique designs which provide stunning visual impact. There will be plenty of room for your favorite books and no need to hop out of bed on those cold wintry nights when sleep seems to have eluded you.

If your bedroom is shaped in the traditional square look, round nightstands will break up the seemingly monotonous design. There are plenty of styles to choose from; it all depends on your personal preference. Nightstands come in modern metallic or are glass tables. There are also Danish style veneer cabinets that sport plenty of wood veneer coatings in different shades resembling authentic wood.

When in the market for a new bedroom set or just feel the need to upgrade what you already have, pay particular attention to the nightstands. Dont settle for the standard size. Many stands are used to place a lamp on them as well as an alarm clock and additional necessities which can include prescription medications and a small glass of water. Getting out of bed in the middle of the night is not the most welcome thought when having to follow doctors orders.

Take your time when deciding on a particular set. Most importantly, decide the size of your nightstand as well as the height. You will be glad you took additional steps to ensure a night of refreshing sleep.

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