A No-Frills Guide To Great Themed Table Top Displays

Eidolonai September 25, 2017

A themed exhibit is anything that has a distinctive decorative flavor or style. The theme can be simple (a neon-orange gorilla statue set at the entrance to your booth) or it can be complex (an island-themed booth complete with palm trees). It can be tied directly to something your company offers, or it can be unrelated and used purely for visual interest. Whatever the specifics of your chosen theme, themed pop up displays will always have an entirely different set of considerations when compared with more commonplace exhibits and banner stands.

How Unique Do You Want To Be?

When you choose a themed design, you’re going to stand out. The question is: how much do you want to stand out? Although defining yourself in the face of your competition is a good thing, it is possible that too much themed material could actually backfire if your industry won’t accept it. Thus, your first step should be to gauge your field. Is it commonplace for people in your field to be creative and outside the box? If so, then you’ll probably see success no matter how wild your design becomes. However, if you’re in a field that expects a highly austere level of decoration and sees facts before fun, you might want to reconsider having a theme at all. For most industries, some level of unique design is welcome, and encourages visitors to have fun.

What Theme To Pick?

There are two main ways to theme pop up displays. First, you can theme it to reflect some aspect of what you’re offering. For example, if you’re debuting a new movie, you could design the booth to reflect aspects of your movie. However, if you’re showing a new product which is difficult to render graphically or doesn’t translate well to a theme, you might want to consider the second option and pick an unrelated theme. Both tactics can offer strong rewards.

A theme tied to your product may seem like the better choice at first, but your decoration may not resonate with all visitors. To avoid this possibility, you should avoid designs that might be considered puns within your industry. Don’t try to be too clever; let it be something lighthearted that people can enjoy. If you’re having difficulty creating a scheme that fits the bill, you should look outside your immediate industry for inspiration.

Knowing When You’ve Gone Too Far

There is no distinct breaking point that indicates you’ve done too much. There are warning signs to watch out for, but ultimately only experience will tell you what’s best. One early warning sign occurs when people begin focusing more on the décor than on your products. You should never allow the focus to shift from what you’re offering; as soon as people remember the décor and not your merchandise, you’re going to start missing sales. Your décor should make people curious and drive in new traffic, but your banner stands and pop up displays should leave no doubt that you’re more than just decorations. When you hit the balance perfectly and can entertain without being eclipsed, you’ll see a great return on your investment and you’ll find visitors have more fun.

Chris Harmen is an author for Xtreme Xhibits, a top choice for table top displays in Austin. Xtreme Xhibits works with your company to determine your unique needs, and custom builds pop up displays in Austin just for you.

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