A Unique Laser Pointer

Eidolonai December 21, 2017

Those of you who want to infuse a style statement in your regular job of presentation or lecturing will surely want to use a laser pointer pen for your demonstration purposes. Many of you may question that what is a laser pointer pen and what are its utilities? To answer them one may say that a laser pointer pen is a small gadget, portable and which has light emitting from it. It projects beams of light, scattering the moisture and dust particles on the way. Such a beam of light produces a spot of light on the screen in front of it, thereby highlighting things on the screen which the demonstrator wants to show to the audience.


To you who are now interested in this gadget, let us introduce to you the 100mw 405nm Handheld Adjust Focusing Violet Purple Blue Laser. This laser pointer comes in the shape of a torch. Various customers have bought this laser and realized that they made a good bargain. Their feedback was very encouraging. All of them found it very easy to use, having a wide range of utilities. Now there are numerous lasers in the market. The most common ones are red, green and blue color lasers. However this product is unique in the sense that it is a violet laser pointer. Amazed, aren’t you? Well it is true. This laser is exceptional in its color of light.


Many of you are interested in the mysterious beauty of the night sky. Some of you are even amateur astronomers. Well for them this high power 100mW laser is extremely useful. The wave length of this laser is of 405nm. Hence you can just use it to point out the stars in the dark sky to friends and kids of yours. The long range of the laser will make it easier for you to point out a star, which previously you failed to do in one chance. Most of the lasers being either too light in weight or thin in dimension tend to fall from the hand. This laser has a robust structure which will give your hand a good grip on it. However it is not bulky at the same time.


Another salient feature of this laser pointer pen is that this pointer is essentially designed for a multiplicity of utilities and situations. So, it is equipped with a lamp head which is adjustable. This gives you the freedom to rotate the laser’s head and focus accurately at the thing you want to highlight. This adjusts focusing laser gives you an edge when you are giving a presentation in a small space where you need to move in order to focus. But now you just have to maneuver the lamp head. The laser has a click button which makes it hassle free to use. The laser is powered by a CR18650 battery which emits the 405nm light so that the light is visible not only when it is very dark but also during daytime. The laser comes with 18650 Lithium batteries, a charger and last but not the least a pair of keys. To purchase your favorite laser, you can visit Lasers Man online store.


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