A User Review of the Tassimo Coffee Maker

Eidolonai April 17, 2018

Over the last year I have used the Tassimo Coffee maker exclusively to fulfill all of my caffeine needs. My first time using the Tassimo hot beverage system was when I visited home and found my parents had recently purchased the original Braun Tassimo coffee maker system. I initially had a hard time believing my parents praises of the system, not thinking that the taste of the coffee would be even reasonably good, but I quickly found out after my first sip of the Gevalia Tassimo flavor t disk, that not only was I wrong, but this coffee was actually really good. The Tassimo Coffee maker hot beverage system is ahead of it’s time with its ability to quickly brew single serve cups of coffee that are of high quality. It’s never been so easy to brew a cup of Joe as it is now. Also with the newer version Bosch Tassimo coffee maker being available the system is even better than before.

Let me break down some of the wonderful features that make the Tassimo coffee maker so great.

1. Small sleek design. Can be stored away easily or kept on your counter permanently.

2. Brews coffee quietly and quickly

3. Many varieties of hot beverages in the form of T disks. These include many types of coffee such as Gevalia, Nabob and Suchard. Also there is delicious Tassimo hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso and tea.

4. Though perhaps not at cafe quality, the coffee is all very good.

In the interest of being totally fair here are some drawbacks to the Tassimo coffee maker system.

1. The system is more expensive brand new then a standard coffee brewing system.

2. The cost per cup of coffee is higher then when compared to brewing a large pot of coffee, but cheaper then buying coffee at a cafe or convenience store.

3. Though there is a nice selection there still is a limited amount of coffee flavor variety when compared to purchasing standard ground coffee beans at the grocery store or going to a cafe.

4. The T Disks typically cannot be purchased at your local grocery story, though they are very easy to order online.

My typical day starts with me making a cup of Tassimo coffee first thing in the morning before I get going for the day. Then I’ll make another cup within my travel mug that I’ll take to work with me. Lastly, I’m a bit of an espresso junkie, so on many occasions I’ll make a nice quick cup of Tassimo espresso when I get home from work. This gives me the energy boost I need to play with the kids and exercise after a long day. Before purchasing the Tassimo coffee maker I would typically just buy a cup of coffee at the local convenience story when I headed out to work, because my wife doesn’t drink coffee, and I didn’t feel like making and cleaning a pot just for one or two cups of coffee. It’s so much easier now for me to enjoy coffee without the extra hassle that comes with cleaning pots and filters.

In conclusion, if you are like myself and enjoy/need coffee I would strongly suggest purchasing the Tassimo Coffee maker hot beverage system. It’s affordable, easy to operate, easy to clean, and provides a good variety of very good coffee and other hot beverages. I’m a busy person and I take great enjoyment when I find a new product that makes my life a little easier, and Tassimo definitely does that for me.

The Tassimo Coffee Maker is the best hot beverage system available on the market.
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