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Eidolonai October 1, 2017

When looking at bumper pool tables you want to look at price, brand, content, size, and what extras it comes with.

Bumper Pool come in many different sizes. For example one pool table is a hexagon shape which is very cool, but one thing about the pool table is it is small compared to a rectangle pool table. Bumper pool tables are also rounding. They even come in different colors. You can get a good looking shiny walnut table for a great price, but you can also get a three in one for the same price. Looking at bumper pool tables you have to compare both to each other and then decide on what you want. Here are a few examples that may help the average person pick out a great bumper pool table of their choice.

You remember when I was talking about the hexagon bumper table? Well it is a 3 in one table. This bumper pool table converts from a dining table to an 8 position poker table with a flip of the top. All you will do is remove the top exposes. This pool table will run around six hundred dollars or so. Bumper tables are great to have and all you need is one that will fit in your home. The three in one table can fit in any small corner of your choice without the hassle of trying to cram it in like you would do a rectangle type bumper pool table. The hexagon is also a ding room table to start with so it makes it even easier to place. The three in one is also good for those of you that really like poker.

If you don’t want the hassle of paying too much then just buy a regular bumper pool of your choice. These tables are rectangular and some are actually round too, but they look very good for some of the prices that are presented. There is nothing wrong with this table to set it straight it might be even bigger than the three in one by it just being the pool table and not a poker and pool table. There are many pool tables to choose from it is just taking the time to look and figure out what you like and what type of color would go good with your living room, or game area.

Most pool tables are cost more for the simple fact that they are made different and have special type of wood or coating. For example one bumper pool table is about nine hundred dollars for the simple fact that the whole thing is solid wood all over and has extra things to go with it. Some bumper tables can just be made by different types of brands. There are some three in ones that cost more than others, because they may have an oak wood finish or come with a certain amount of chairs and more special features.

In conclusion when you pick a table of your choice just remember to have fun and always look around to make sure there is not a better deal for that same table. You also have to realize and ask yourself is it worth all the money to get a three in one table or just pay and get a regular bumper pool table. The three in ones are nice, but if it cost more and comes with more then why not buy it instead. Bumper pool tables are great to have and the game is tons of fun.

Tom Stevens is an active bumper pool player and writer. For more information about bumper pool, visit Bumper Pool Tables and list of bumper pool tables.


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