Accent Tables – The Interior Designers Secret To Success

Eidolonai December 20, 2017

Are you tired of the boring home that you live in? Many of today’s home owners are not inspired by their home and it has just became a place to eat, sleep and raise their families. It does not have to be that way. You can have a designer looking home with the help of a trick that most decorators know and use with their clients.

The secret to a lively living room is the addition of an accent table. You may ask, what is an accent table and what makes it that important to a home’s decor?

1. An Accent table is one of four different types of tables that have an interesting twist to each one of them.  They are one of the fallowing: End table, Side Table, Coffee or cocktail table, or a Console table or Sofa Table.

2. It is more than just a table, it must be finished in a decorative finish that is fascinating, made of multiple woods like maple and cherry. But, if you have just one wood like a cherry end table, it would not be considered an accent piece. A furniture manufacturer may design an interesting table that has a different type of styling that is not typical, or could be a combination of all these elements.

The use of an decorative accent table can come in many ways. Often end tables are placed next to a sofa, loveseat, sectional, or chair keeping in mind that the top of the table should never be higher than the arm height. For the best results, try to plan on the arm height being at its crown 1 inch taller than the table. Console accent tables make great conversation pieces behind a sofa or placed on a plain wall with two small lamps on top. Doing this kind of placement will help show off any decorative accessories or pictures that you might have on top of it.

When you are out looking for a new set of tables for your home, consider the accent table and bring some life into an otherwise boring living room decor. Do not let just the interior Designers and their clients have all the fun. Use this decorating tip when considering when you want to give your home a little excitement.

This article was written by Dave Gallogly a furniture design specialist for a online home decor website that believes that educating the public on accent tables and other home decor products makes for a happier consumer.


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