Add Style With A Wood Dog Crate End Table

Eidolonai September 20, 2017

Stylish wooden end table dog crates are not just any ordinary dog crate but a beautiful piece of furniture. These gorgeous pieces for furniture known as a dog crate table can add a lovely attraction to your home.

I don’t know about you, but I think wire dog crates can tend to be a bit unattractive for indoor use. Have you really ever seen one that you would want in your living room?

You have spent a lot of time and effort to make your home beautiful, now your pet’s home can blend right in with your home decor. With the beautiful end table wooden dog crates from you can choose from different colors of wood to match your home. Even though these are hardwood dog crates you won’t have to worry about clean-up. The easy to clean Extra™ waterproof crate floor eliminates the absorption of liquids and odors. These beautiful wooden dog crates are thoughtfully designed to accommodate ordinary sized crate beds and pads also sold at and cushions.

Gaining access for you and your pet is super easy too. A swinging door encloses your pet at nighttime or lets him come and go as he pleases. The dog crate door can also swing inside so it’s out of the way. You will now be able to restrain your pet in style.

These stylish dog crates also save space because the can be pushed right up against furniture or a wall and look great. You can see pictures of these tables at see how well theycan fit right into your living room.

Just like ordinary dog crates these end table crates provide a nice secure spot for your pet to nap or relax. These crates are handcrafted dog crates made of solid wood and wood composites with a sturdy metal latch to keep your dog confined when you’re away or have guests over. Thes are much more appealing than a metal pet cage.

When considering purchasing a  wood dog crate end table you will find that they are a little more costly. If you don’t need to move it around and just want to use it as an end table like the ones from it is well worth the money to have that stylish look in your home.

Why not own one of these fine pieces of furniture for your dog, and invite people over and your dog will be safe in his dog crate, and your guests may not even know your pet is in there!

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