Advanced Table Tent Design Ideas

Eidolonai March 8, 2018

Let’s bring in the big guns for your layouts in table tents. In this special tutorial, I will give you some advanced table tent design ideas. While this can be applicable to most table tent cards and standees, please be reminded that not all kinds of themes will be suited for these advanced ideas. However, if you have the right product to sell that can easily be adapted to these special ideas, I guarantee that you will make waves and have a strong impact on the consumer.

So let us start by going through the best and advanced ideas for the designs of your table tents. We are going to go first on the simple concept of changing or transforming table tents.

•  Transforming and warping table tents – As many people in the food service industry know, for each time of day, there are always some new specials that you want featured. Typically, most of these people change the table tents so that the important ones to be features at breakfast, lunch or dinner is visible.

This is now a problem however if you use transforming or warping table tents. A table tent design like this can easily be changed to feature the next most valuable products for the next major meal marketing session. This is done through some simple and clever transforming devices.

For table tent cards, this can be as simple as placing the cards in a standee that flips different table tent cards in one sitting. For more traditional table tents, this means just turning the table tent triangle over on its inward side to display the new featured message there. Some even sport actual transforming table tent cards with lots of folds to feature at different parts of the day.

By using these kinds of table tents, your additional table promotions can easily be adapted to each part of the day without spending too much time changing them. This is something that you definitely should try. So ask your table tent printing company if they can handle it.

•  3D or holographic effect table tents – Now, I am sure that you have seen those special picture-books or even posters that have pseudo 3D or holographic like effects on a two dimensional page. These things can also easily be applied to your custom table tents to make them look more interesting and advanced. Your text or even some of your table tent images can be rendered in 3D holograms with this method, helping people remember and take notice quite easily. Of course this does not come cheap, but you will have assured gains in impact when you use this advanced idea.

•  Special ink table tents – On the simpler side of things, it is quite possible to use special ink table tens to add more impact to its designs. Using metallic inks, glitter inks and even color changing inks can add a whole new material dimension to your table tent printing. Of course it also adds a whole new dimension in costs as well, but the effect is typically well worth it for most businesses.

•  Electronics enhanced table tents – Finally, since we are in the modern age, some color table tents have been done with some electronic enhancements. This can be in the form of built in LED lights, or maybe even a special musical chip. These kinds of table tents require very specialized customization tools, much like the ones used to create musical greeting cards. While this can cost you, you won’t really need to use a whole lot of electronic enhancements for your typical service industry business. The responses can really be great with these tools, and it might be even a point of recognition that lets people invite others to try out your service.

Great! I hope some of these ideas can be applicable to your own custom table tents. Keep in mind that these are suggestions only, but they can have the great impact that you want for your business.


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