Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lacquer Tables

Eidolonai November 16, 2017

The advantages of the lacquer or lacquer enamel over the traditional varnish would be impressive and surprising. The most admirable part is that lacquer tables add entirely new flair to your home.
Though highly misrepresented, the lacquer in the right hands is a sheer magic. You would be proud of the look of the lacquer table in your home. Lacquer is a super fast drying nitrocellulose finishing. The lacquer not only dries up faster but also harder than the vanished table. That’s why there is much less likelihood of dust, pollens or any small particles landing on wet lacquer surface and affecting the lacquer table.
The super fast drying coat of lacquer creates smoother surface for the modern table. In contrast with various varnish finishes, lacquer doesn’t oxidize or fall down from the furniture at any given point of time. The super-drying smoothness of lacquer accompanies the longevity of quality finishing too. That is one of the reasons; the lacquer tables are more long lasting than other tables. With the expert finishing touch, a well made lacquer contemporary furniture would last more than just few decades.
Spilling cocktails or weak acids, road tar, water or even soap wouldn’t really spoil a well made lacquer table. Their ability to resist the wear and tear is another reason for the long lastingness of lacquer furniture. The lacquer as a finishing has a consistency and a very powerful resistance to moisture. Therefore, the output as a lacquer creates the even texture of the surface without even a slight change in the shade or tone. This output with moisture resistant firmness is the third reason why people prefer the lacquer tables.
However, in the hands of an amateur, the lacquer would not really form an appealing and attractive table at all. I am fairly certain, that one of the reasons of the bad image of lacquer tables have is due to unprofessional work in the market. The lacquer is quite a challenge to apply with the brushes due to the fast-drying quality. Due to the absorption of lacquer undercoats, they show the tendency of shrinking. This doesn’t really bode well with the wood. Applying lacquer over the undercoat of varnish, oil, paint or wax can be truly disastrous due to the similar solvents present in both the materials. As lacquer absorbs these materials, the outer lacquer coat is softened or can be destroyed as well. This can damage the lacquer table entirely.
Lacquer table needs to be handled very effectively. Because without the expert touch, it turns dirty and moist and can start turning gray regardless of the maintenance efforts if the initial lacquer finishing is not professional.
These aspects of the lacquer finishing tell you just one thing and one thing alone. I mean, a professional would know that if a modern table has an undercoat of paint or something else, a professional would give the undercoat an overcoat of shellac and create a perfect table for you.

Lacquer tables should be created by the professionals and purchased from an authentic source only.


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