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Eidolonai September 14, 2017

Occasional table sets is a common term used for various small tables that we often use at home. Lamp tables, coffee tables, end tables, cocktail tables, accent tables, and sofa tables are some of the different types of occasional tables. These small tables are versatile and can be used for different purposes depending on your needs. The biggest plus of occasional tables is that you can place them anywhere at home.

A lamp table, as the name says, can be used to place a lamp. As this table is usually as high as most beds, you can place them in your bedroom and keep your night lamp on it. Coffee tables, on the other hand, are pretty low and generally come only up to your knee level. These occasional table sets are perfect for the living room or den, where you can place them amidst sofas and chairs. Sometimes they are also called cocktail tables and may come with shelves, compartments, and glass lift-tops.

Sofa tables or console tables are generally placed near walls or near sofas. Use these end tables to decorate your room. Place a vase of flowers or a portrait on these tables. You can also use this table to keep your magazines and newspapers so that you can grab them easily when you are resting on the sofa. Occasional table sets like accent tables are also used for decorative purposes.

Another type of occasional table sets is nesting tables. This type of occasional table is a set of two or three small tables that come in varying heights. They are great for displaying your knickknacks and since they are small, they are great space savers too.

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