Also Fighting Filling Tables Store Suning Would Send 3,000

Eidolonai March 5, 2018

War competition to the white appliances give money. Yesterday,

States United States



Electric also released before the holiday


Programme: Country United States is strong impetus to promote special machine


While Suning is so new tactics?? People fill out a form, you can get value for free 3,000 points.

States United States: 666 yuan can buy 1P hang

GOME Chongqing Branch introduced buy

Air conditioning

Hang back now will be 180 yuan, Guiji back are 380 concessions to buy


Packages can also get air conditioning, ranging from 400-1500 yuan back now. 15, Gome


1P split hook lowest 666 yuan, 1P heating hang special 888, 1.5P hang up 1,399 yuan, some high-end air-conditioning is also straight down several hundred dollars,


06 new large 3P Guiji straight down 750 yuan, 4,080 yuan special sale.

For 666 yuan and other several special machines, the country that limit U.S. sales, but it would not facilitate open its brand name.

Addition of air conditioning,


, Refrigerator,

Washing machine

Are substantially lower prices.


The new 32-inch

Liquid crystal

Straight down nearly 2,000 yuan, 9,999 yuan special sale; Samsung 40-inch LCD, from 18,900 yuan fell to 16,900 yuan of special.


40-inch LCD dropped to 17,800 yuan from 19,800 yuan.


32-inch LCD dropped to 8,888 yuan. Rongshida 189 liters refrigerator from the 1680 yuan fell to 1,548 yuan.

Suning: do not buy as a gift to 300 000 points

Suning aspects

introduction, April 15 to 23, all to any one store Suning people do not buy any electrical appliances, can reclaim a form to receive membership card, and this card have already been pre- Recharge 300 000 points. Arrived at one yuan per 100 in cash to see the exchange rate, it means consumers sent directly to 3,000 yuan each in cash. For the old members, during which Suning will directly recharge their cards on 300 000 points.

Suning Chongqing company said the move, the main purpose is to fully expand the membership side Suning, Suning future sales to members only. Since a large amount of gifts, so will receive the 300 000 points, its validity in the April 15 to 23, more than 300,000 donated by the time points will be considered null and void.

It is reported that during the event, shop 9 percent tax credit to buy electrical appliances are available in the amount of points. However, Suning, or set the threshold, points can not be fully deductible End, has a part to pay in cash. Points deduction limit, however, should be determined in commodity prices, in 1000 points to 30 extremely varied, are buying the higher commodity prices, the more points can be deducted over. For example a value of 3,000 yuan of goods, the maximum permitted amount of points deducted will not be a 3,000 yuan, only less than 3,000 yuan.

Learned, Suning a move to the U.S. in-state competition to attract customers to purchase quantities, as well as soliciting membership. Suning will then losses? A customer wit: “First you must beware that they are not losses. Eyes a little more clearly that the price is real.”

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