An ‘Epic’ Wedding Table Plan, With A ‘Horde’ Of Guests

Eidolonai October 15, 2017

If you’re thinking of getting started on your wedding table plan, then it’s worth stopping for a few minutes and having a think about the many ways in which it might be possible to transform a fairly uninteresting seating arrangement into a wedding table plan that will engage with people’s imaginations, make them smile, make your event remembered and talked about for even longer.

After all, when you stop to consider the massive investment of time and effort which goes into making a wedding table plan, it’s only fair that you should be allowed to have a little fun. Weddings by and large tend to follow traditional patterns, arrangements and setups, with a few personal touches here and there. But when it comes to the reception afterwards, you can pretty much do as you please.

Which is exactly what so many people have done over the years. Even a cursory look online will reveal a whole host of different table plan ideas, each reflecting the individual preferences, interests or backgrounds of the happy couples. For example, in one case recently the wedding table plan idea took inspiration from a shared passion which was actually the way in which the couple met.

It was a dark, stonewalled castle, and a small band of intrepid adventurers were exploring the hidden depths of the ancient ruins. A few muttered comments gave indication that something unexpected was… expected. Suddenly strange creatures burbling unintelligible ravings launched themselves at the group, two members of which were to become the Bride and Groom. The Groom bravely leapt to the defence of the rest of the group, the Bride staying back but doing her best to boost his spirit.

“Incoming!” yelled one of the group, “I’m on it,” replied the Groom, whose name was Holycow. His lumbering bovine form slammed into the incoming group, laying waste to wrecked bodies. “Woohoo!” yelled one lucky member, “Neat loot – +25 Intellect, nice.”

“Mana break” yelled the Bride. This was just another evening in which the happy couple immersed themselves in an alternative universe known as Azeroth, home to the 15 million subscribers who enjoy playing World of Warcraft. After meeting as members of the same guild, they grew to become good friends online, and then after a guild get together in the summer, Holycow and Bubblez met in real life.

Holycow, aka John, and Bubblez, known by some as Cathy, realised they lived not that far away from each other, and started spending more and more time together, until one day Holycow knelt down, proposed, and was accepted, only on condition that the event be re-enacted in real life.

So when it came to the wedding table plan, they knew that not only would they want to find seats for all their guild friends, but that the plan itself had to be in the style of World of Warcraft. They had an artist friend of their create a table plan which was in the style of a dungeon map, with tables named after various zones, dungeons and creatures. Most of the children who were seated on the table labelled ‘Murlocs’ won’t have picked up on the joke, but many of those present thought the whole idea was done brilliantly.

Once you hit on the one thing that is truly special to both of you, it’s easy to start thinking of ways in which you can tie your wedding table plan into the theme of the whole event.

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