Are Keurig Coffee Makers Or Tassimo Coffee Makers Better?

Eidolonai January 20, 2018

Which of the popular coffee maker pods should you choose? The two most popular options are Keurig coffee makers and Tassimo coffee makers. They provide similar functionality but there are several differences between the two brands that can help you make your decision.

It’s important to note to begin with that you can’t go wrong with either of these two choices. Both companies are very highly rated and the people who buy them are almost always thrilled with their decisions. So the choice between a Keurig and a Tassimo isn’t life or death, it really comes down to personal preferences.

Keurig Coffee Makers
Keurig has at least six different main models that run the gamut in terms of price range and features. The good news is that even the cheapest models, coming in at around $ 60 or $ 70 produce the same great coffee in the same quick time as the more expensive models.

The differences lie in style, design and the size of the water reservoir, as well as intended use. For example, they have a model designed specifically as an office coffee maker that is built to be rugged and withstand a constant bombardment of uses.

The coffee maker pods for Keurig are called K Cups. Keurig produces their own wide range of flavors and tastes. In addition, they have partnerships with many popular coffee manufacturers. You can get your Keurig K Cups with Caribou Coffee, Green Mountain, Newman’s Organics, Emeril’s and many others.

Tassimo Coffee Makers
Tassimo has their machines made by both Bosch and Braun. There are less total models available and while there are cheap options, on the whole they are a bit more expensive than what Keurig offers.

However, they are extraordinarily fast. With a Tassimo you can make your coffee in under a minute from start to finish, offering extreme convenience and ease of use. Another benefit to the Tassimo brand is that their coffee maker pods come in Starbucks coffee flavors. No other pods offer Starbucks, so if you’re a fiend for them and want to indulge at your home or office, than it makes sense to go and get a Tassimo.

The bottom line is that both Keurig coffee makers and Tassimo coffee makers are extremely easy to use and produce great coffee. With Keurig you will have more choices in terms of the coffee that is available and the models. With Tassimo you will be able to enjoy Starbucks coffee in less than a minute. Both brands are popular and loved by those who use them.

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