Are Real Estate Round Tables Valuable?

Eidolonai October 28, 2017

If you read the news media, you would see that there’s a propagation of new real estate gurus and seminars coming approximately to feed the endless demand for real estate these days. Here’s some things you should think when determining whether to invest in a real estate seminar:

1. Cost. Be leery of extremely cheap or extremely expensive seminars. If the seminar is free, it’s because the promoter needs to sell you something. It prices the promoter thousands of dollars to provide people into a room, so wait for a hard sales pitch. If the event is more than $ 1,000/day, you must also be concerned, unless the admission price comprises follow-up training or considerable materials. It does not say that $ 5,000 boot camps are all bad; mere make certain you’re getting what you are paying for.

2. Group Size. If you are paying $ 5,000 for a boot camp, you must expect a small class size. If not, you are probable overpaying, since you will not be able to ask questions in a large group format.

3. Coaching Ability. Some gurus are well-informed, but are bad teachers. Make sure you have heard the lecturer before or ask other people who have attended. There’s not anything worse than paying to listen in to a boring speaker or one that can not convey a topic in “plain English”.

4. Worth. Let’s face it; some products are costly because you believe they are worth more. Good marketing makes you believe “Bayer” is better than generic aspirin. Before you pay thousands of dollars for the “brand name” seminar, look into a cheaper version that isn’t being marketed on T.V.

5. Are you serious about it?. No matter how much or small you pay for a seminar, it’s all up to you. No diet works lacking exercise and discipline and no real estate investing method works without your hard work. If you are just start, stays away from the expensive seminars awaiting you are sure it is for you. Start with the $ 500 or less variety, let it sink in, and then consider higher seminars when you have done a few deals. Once you start making money, you should continue investing in your education, since your return would be well worth it.

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