Banner Stands Vs. Table Top Displays

Eidolonai March 9, 2018

Banner stands and table top displays share one important characteristic: they are both multi-functional units. Both can have applications far beyond use at an actual convention, and both tend to be relatively inexpensive and easy to transport. Although they do have important differences, many companies find themselves struggling to choose between banner stands and table top displays, or often considering combining the two. By taking some time to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each, you will be prepared to answer this tough question for your company.

Key Differences Between Banners And Tabletops

Banner stands and table top displays often serve similar roles. The most important thing to consider when you first start trying to choose between them is their differences. What can one do that the other just can’t match?

Banner stands:

•  These units are highly portable because of their ability to roll up. Their bases can fold to be incredibly small, and the actual banner rolls up to be quite thin, no matter its dimensions when uncurled. Unless you have an overly long unit, this type of exhibit is virtually guaranteed to be compact and provide easy travel. By the same token, it also tends to be durable. It’s very hard to permanently harm the fabric or plastic portion with the graphics. If you buy a decent quality base, that also tends to be durable.

•  They are also easy to change and adapt. Buying a new graphics plate is a trivial matter. You don’t have to invest in making heavy changes to the actual unit like you do with a more traditional table top unit.

Table Top Displays:

•  This option looks great sitting off the ground. Most banners just can’t match the appearance of the tabletop unit for elegance and professionalism. They are designed to sit on a table, while the banners are generally made to be pulled upward from the floor. These designs are great and very eye catching in a way that’s difficult to duplicate.

•  They also don’t rely on two parts. If you are shipping cross country, it’s possible that either stand or base could get lost, leaving you with a unit that just won’t work. A tabletop unit is composed of just one component.

A Third Option

For many companies, the choice between the two is too difficult, so they consider a third option: pop up displays. These units are relatively new and offer many of the benefits of a banner and tabletop unit all in one. Pop up displays are easy to set up, durable, and can be adapted relatively easily. The major tradeoff is that they are not quite as inexpensive as their less technologically advanced cousins.

The Right Choice For Your Company

Ultimately, you’ll have to consider your budget and needs to make the right call. If you can, perhaps consider pop up displays. If not, look closely at your priorities. Does your unit have to be highly portable? If so, a stand is probably the better call. If you’re more focused on having a stunning unit atop a table, you’ll want to look into tabletops more thoroughly. Whatever your needs, ensure that the stand is customized to fit your company, and you’ll have a great convention experience.

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