Benefits of a Coffee Tumbler

Eidolonai November 26, 2017

Ah yes, coffee. How many people wake up in the morning with the thought of tasting that first sip of their precious caffeinated drink? How many people on a Monday morning are rushing to get to work while holding their coffee mug while trying to gather their stuff and get out of the door? Although this is a “fun” way to start their day, they’re also in danger of spilling their coffee all over their clothes or in their car. So instead of a coffee mug, what you need is a coffee tumbler. This article will discuss some of the benefits of getting one of these and why they are so much better than having a plain mug.

The first benefit of having a coffee tumbler is that you have coffee security. This means you don’t have to take the risk of your coffee spilling on the floor or on you. How many times have you had to lean over just to pretend any coffee from getting on you? With a tumbler, those days can be long gone. No more will you have to do those sudden athletic flinching motions while sticking your rear out in public again.

Another benefit is that your coffee will stay hot for a longer amount of time. Coffee definitely tastes great, when it’s nice and hot. Once it turns cold or even warm, it just loses that kick to it. I’m sure you know what I mean. When you sip into a nice cup of hot coffee, it just helps to wake you up. When it’s at the right temperature though, it just feels like it’s missing that special ingredient to get you up and going.

You can find these coffee tumblers online or in the stores. They can come in all different types of sizes and colors. You will want to get one that has a suction at the top. This way, it will prevent any steam and heat from leaving your coffee. You can easily find one for under $ 20. There are some that are a bit more expensive but it’s mainly due to the design. Also, some will do a better job at keeping your coffee hot for a longer period of time. If coffee is something you drink everyday, then a coffee tumbler is something that will make your life a whole lot easier. Your Mondays can all the sudden not be so blue anymore.

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