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Eidolonai January 7, 2018

The Coffee is a daily morning treat which helps you to face the work day. But, it is important to know the best way to serve the coffee with an optimal taste and flavor. What is the best temperature to serve the coffee at, and how does temperature affect the flavor profile of your coffee? These two concepts are very important and it should be basically known to all coffee lovers.

Simply, the best way to serve your coffee is at 70°C to 80°C or 155°F to 175°F. Most of the people  prefer coffee only at the higher end of the temperature spectrum, which is 175°F. Basically, it is higher than the optimal coffee temperature range. Generally, most of the leading coffee shops  recommend their customers to drink their coffee at 180°F  to 190°F . So, most the people filed a lawsuit because  their coffee was too hot and the customers felt uneasy to the situation.

One of the main reasons to adhere the appropriate temperature in your coffee drinking is because, your coffee is served at too high temperature. Then, the essential oils found in the coffee product  evaporates easily and the flavor quality is also lost. The essential oils present in the coffee beans are responsible for the flavor and aroma of your cup, so when they are compromised the coffee will lose its deep and complex taste. Basically it is advised to drink your coffee at 175°F , where you can get the best quality and flavor.

When your coffee is of  higher quality, then it will taste much better when served within this temperature range. Many people like to have their coffee extremely hot and they prefer the same temperature range. The composition of the coffee determines the temperature of the same. But  normally, the people from the other country  prefer their coffee hotter than the Americans, so they feel that the American coffee temperature range is too low for their taste.

Finally, before choosing the coffee beverage, you should keep an eye on the temperature before having your coffee and make sure that it is neither too hot nor too cold. So, that the flavor and taste of your costly coffee are not affected. Thus enjoy your Coffee in a minimum temperature.

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