Bewitched by the Luxurious Travertine Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 16, 2014
tempo travertine coffee table

There are many materials which are varied to be made into furniture that can be cabinets, table, chairs, bed, and others. Coffee table, for example, also has different materials that can be produced by each manufacturer that can be wood, metal, glass, woven, aluminum, leather, rattan, marble, granite, trees trunk, and travertine. Each of them must have their own characteristic. Travertine coffee table itself has a strong sign in the existence of holes within the stone which are caused by carbon dioxide evasion. The quality of travertine is based on the quantity of holes in it. The fewer holes the travertine has, the better quality it will be. This is one of great ideas since travertine is a good material to be used in the table for creating luxurious touch, similarly to what the marble stone offers.

Special Maintenance

To have plans about the proper maintenance of your travertine table is certainly need. Travertine, even though durable and enable to last in the usage, still, this stone is sensitive to acidic substances like juices, coffee, and wine. You must clean that with a soft cloth or sponge that has been added with a mild soap. Do this routinely around once a week or every time when any stain dirt the travertine surface.

Recommended Products

Certainly, there must be many travertine coffee table options being sold in furniture store. Two products are considered good with the reviews. Travertine Round Top Coffee Table offers a simple and small beautiful table for your happy coffee time. Other alternative is Travertine Magazine End Table. Equipped by the storage in the bottom, this neutral travertine coffee table is much more practical and beneficial.

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