Binic Table Lamp

Eidolonai September 23, 2017

Binic Table Lamp
by Foscarini, Italy

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Design by Ionna Vautrin

Personal Lighthouse

There are objects that are part of our visual memory, perhaps because we have seen them in a photo or film, but we have never asked ourselves about their true

For example those large flared tubes, on the bridge of ships. What exactly are they? Air conduits, stoves, a megaphone, a proboscis? Designers typically question themselves about everything and if the designer is a young woman then these questions can take a very special form.


Binic is the name of a lighthouse on the coast of Brittany, the region Ionna
comes from. In this area the sea is of enormous importance to daily life and so, when Foscarini asked her to design a small, colored table lamp, Ionna was inspired by the wind socks of ships. It is an object that she has always been
curious about and has interpreted through her sensitivity and creativity,
together with the Foscarini design team.

A Cartoon Star

Small but full of personality, Binic irresistibly draws the attention with its friendly,
poetic and slightly cartoon character shape, projecting a focussed light downwards, like your own private lighthouse.

Binic has a simple yet surprising architecture: the upper rounded volume with its shiny finish and the conical satinized base appear to challenge the force of gravity and yet the light is perfectly stable, as the difference in weight is only visual.

Easy and Colorful

Ionna has produced a range of 6 colors for Binic, adding another dimension to its volumes and its appeal. White, Green, Amaranth, Orange, Petrol and Grey: an extremely wide range of colors for a designer product, that can be placed in differently decorated environments but, above all, can match the personality of
whoever chooses his or her Binic.

Take Away Your Fun

Compact, fun, multicolored and accessible, Binic is ready for a new Foscarini journey into the panorama of the home and of daily life. From young environments to the home studio or a day or night space. As a take away object, a present or a personal object of desire. In a packaging that is just as special and fun, with the color of the light and its unmistakable shape.

Binic Table Lamp

Binic desk lamp with ABS base and polycarbonate projector. Available in six different colors, Binic is suggested as a take away object -a present, or a personal object of desire – thanks also to the specialpackaging.

Wallpaper Design Awards 2011 Winner
Binic receives an award at the Wallpaper Design Award 2011

The jury of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2011 has named Binic as the best table lamp produced in 2010. Wallpaper the prestigious design magazine opens every new year by bringing together leading creatives and opinion leaders in a jury, which announces the protagonists and most important creations in the world of design, architecture and fashion for the year that has just ended.

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