Blackberry Playbook Revolutionizing the Table Market

Eidolonai December 5, 2017

The wait, it does seem, is finally going to be over. There have been more than adequate indications online that the RIM (Research in Motion) is finally in the final stages of getting it is greatly looked forward to mobile computer tablet device, the Blackberry Playbook Deals. The tablet market place will indeed be terribly disappointed if the April, 2011 world wide release is not met. But even a cursory look at the various technical specifications does make it clear that it was worth all this while. As it is the ultimate work of technology and precision that we will be getting to see, own and use.

The projected price of £ 499 also makes it a much more desirable mobile tablet device than the Apple iPads, Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The Blackberry Playbook has been recently unveiled at the CES technology event held in Las Vegas, USA, And among others, the technology people got to have a closer look at this marvellous product from RIM. And they are damn impressed. Their experts feel that the Blackberry Playbook may just topple the Apple iPads off their pedestal. Literally that is. The Blackberry Playbook has a brand new Blackberry OS version made exclusively for it running it. And powering the different functions of the tablet device is the monstrous 1GHz Cortex-A9 dual core processor and 1GB of RAM.

It is said that appearances can be deceptive. This is particularly true of the rather innocuous looking seven inches wide touchscreen that this tablet sports. But the super fine operating system takes care of the rest and makes sure that any object or visual is brought to life in the entire expanse of the bezel. RIM has given the Blackberry Playbook two camera devices. The one on the front is a fine three mega pixel snapper and the rear end of the device carries the more powerful five mega pixel camera device. The clarity and richness of images and videos is seen to be believed. One can wait any longer for various mobile phone deals to carry this exquisite beauty to where it trulu belongs – its end users.

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