Brew Better Coffee With a French Press!

Eidolonai March 10, 2018

If you have exhausted all of your coffee brewing options for the utmost taste in your Java, then make sure that you try out the French Press. This is an alternative method of coffee brewing, but to those who have tried it, it is a favorite. Just to give you a rundown on what a French Press is, it is a large cylindrical pot that has a press in the top portion of it. You can then fill it with hot water and freshly ground coffee, and you plunge down the press so that it separates the grounds from the hot water to extract the final brew.

It may look intimidating to look at it, but it is exceptionally easy to use, and even easier to maintain. I would also like to point out that one of the major benefits is that it is eco-friendly because you are not using paper filters you throw away every day. You can freshly grind beans with your own grinder, and then you can place the coarsely ground beans in the bottom of your French Press. From there, you can heat up water, and using a kettle is the easiest, and then pour it into the French Press. You will let it sit for about four minutes for an average size French Press, and then you will plunge down the press filter directly. It is important to plunge it straight down without moving it to the side so that you don’t release any of the grinds when you are plunging.

After that, you will have a rich and full brew product that you can pour directly into your mug to enjoy! The reason that the flavors offered by the French Press are so delicious is because the essential oils of the beans are not filtered out. Essential oils from the bean actually are what give the most depth and flavor to your coffee. Many traditional coffee makers do filter out the essential oils through the paper filters, and this will limit your taste. With a French Press, all of the essential oils remain in the cup of Joe that you are sipping, so you are not missing out on any flavors at all.

Another thing that Java lovers are enjoying about the French Press is the amount of control that you will get during the brewing process. You can choose the temperature of your water, and I recommend that it is not boiling since it cause the grounds to burn, and you can also control how long it steeps to extract the Java taste. Keep in mind that when you are brewing with a traditional drip brew machine, the hot water is only in contact with the grounds for just a few seconds while it brews. With the French Press, we are talking about four minutes minimum of water contact to extract the flavors from the grounds. Simply amazing! I recommend that you try any Bodum Chambord Coffee Press, either the 3, 4, or 8 cup variety for a flavor you will not forget.

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