Build A Picnic Table – Easy Plans

Eidolonai March 5, 2018

Have you just finished making your search for picnic table plans, and now you sit there scratching your head? You’ve just found thousands of different plans. How can you decide which ones to use?

First thing to check picnic table plans, materials list. What kind of wood they recommend? If it is just to go buy some 2 “x 4″ timber and begin to follow the plans, throw the plan away and move on to the next. Your materials must be treated to stand up to the outdoors. Lumber you would buy for your walls is not what you want for your picnic table, which must withstand rain, snow, and sun. Your best choice will be a pressure treated wood. Treatment has been forced deep into the woods to help it be resistant to weather.

Continuing down your list, but it speaks about nails? Throw that plan and move on. You might want to use nails to temporarily hold a board in place, but the nails loosen very easily. You want to use wood screws to turn your picnic table, and for better holding power. Make sure the screws are also treated to withstand the weather. You do not want rust to show up around the new table.

The other thing to watch for is the tools list. All picnic table plans claim that you will build your table with only hand tools is to push the limits. Of course you can build with hand tools, but it will be much harder. You have a good power saw to cut precisely. Your saw must be able to set up to cut the angles necessary for the legs, and potentially for the table top if you are building an octagonal table.

If you run the screws in the hand? If you want to try, go ahead. You’ll be wishing you had never begun. A good set of plans will make it very clear you have an electric drill to drive screws in properly and securely. Your hands and wrists will appreciate your use of electric tools.

These things may seem like common sense, but so often free plan gives you exactly what to expect minimal information, and incorrect advice. To reduce your frustration, you may want to buy picnic table plans that are comprehensive and give you the exact materials list, you will need. You can tell your plans to the local sawmill, and get the exact items you need in just the right amounts. Your project will go together quickly and easily. Or, you can stick with these plans are, but you’ll just have to build another table next year. A properly designed picnic tables will give you years of outdoor enjoyment.

Great picnic table plans to take the project from frustrating that simple. Good instructions make every project easier, faster and at the end, less expensive.

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