Build A Picnic Table For Your Garden

Eidolonai March 3, 2018

Every family who have a garden should have a fine picnic table. They aren’t just for family meals, but may sit so that the parties in the garden. You can sit there & play games, communicate, eat. There are many ways to use the picnic tables.

So how to build a picnic table in your backyard?

If you want you can build it by your by yourself. It’s not difficult. All you need is some basic carpentry skills & experience. With proper planning & tools, even an amateur can build a nice picnic.

If you want you can even create a table with the family or only child, & make it fun family project. I am sure your son daughter will have fun doing something in the timber with you.

What should be a picnic?

Average size picnic table is sixty inches long (you can find in stores). That gives plenty of room for 2 adults. But you want to build your own picnic table, so you can make any size. Maybe your family is bigger, & you’ve a room for seven or eight people or other relatives.

You can build a custom picnic table made & designed specifically for your needs for less than you think. There are many varieties of picnic tables. 1 or 2 tables? Few places on the page or a big bank? Need a place for umbrellas or not?

The beauty of the building picnic tables that you decide how it should be & see.


Averages style of picnic table (A-frame with connected benches) can not be the ideal choice. If you’re a large person you may find it difficult to get up & down. They make benches so close to help you comfortably eat. Some people think it’s encouraging some hate it. As I have said for a larger human can be quite hard to get up.


You have a choice of 3 to choose from. As usual, carpenters prefer redwood outdoor furniture. Best way to make the right choice for you is to go to the local wood store & see what materials are available. But remember. Always looking for materials that are durable & all weather conditions (rain, snow, different temperatures).

As you can see. Preparing to build a picnic table isn’t so easy if you’re a beginner. But if you’ve a good quality plan you can build & make your picnic table is a masterpiece.

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