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Eidolonai September 18, 2017

Coffee table is an integral part of any living room. It is placed in the central part of the sitting area, so that it is accessible for everyone. It servers multiple purposes besides being used for placing coffee cups. Coffee tables also have a magazine shelf, which can be used to place news papers and magazines. A coffee table should complement the existing furniture of the room. They are available in a variety of shapes, size and materials. The expensive ones come at a premium. At the same time cheaper ones too are available which have decent looks. The material and the design are the deciding factors like cost. Cheap coffee tables made of bamboo are also available. Coffee tables made of glass should be availed as they need more maintenance and are prone to stains, hence need frequent cleaning. They are delicate too. They should not be used in houses or places where children reside, because there is possibility of children climbing on the coffee tables and injuring themselves as a result of breakage.

Bamboo coffee tables are made of natural material bamboo and are mildly treated with chemicals and so is eco-friendly. Though they are cheaper, they can have features like tapered legs, which makes them look attractive. Coffee tables made of cherry wood cost less. The dark red color of the cherry wood gives it an elegant look. The ones that come with a thin layer over the surface called veneer are cheaper and the table with wooden surface costs more. The cost also increased if a table with glass top is chosen.  However, cheaper ones with glass top too are available but they should be carefully chosen. The thickness should not be too less and should be optimum. Also, the glass should be scratch and stain resistant. Cheap coffee tables made of synthetic material like acrylic are available. The presence of a coffee table with magazine shelf or storage chamber eliminates the need of another piece of furniture thereby saving space in the room. The ones with lighter weight should be chosen so that they can be moved if needed.

Coffee tables last long if a proper choice is made and if properly maintained. They should be sturdy enough at the same time retain their attractiveness. Some coffee tables have drawers which can be used to store DVDs, visiting cards, telephone directory, etc. Another way to own a cheap coffee table is to purchase used ones. Usually coffee tables don’t have much damage as they have a fixed location in the room and are not used to heavy loads. Coffee tables made of metal cost less, but it depends on the metal used. They should be scratch and corrosion resistant and should be re-paintable if need be. The magazine shelf can have good design which will enhance its looks. There is a huge variety of cheap coffee tables available in market. A careful choice of reliable, sturdy yet attractive table coffee table will be a good item to cherish.


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