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Eidolonai February 2, 2018

If you have a true passion for coffee as I do, every variety of coffee I buy offers me a totally different taste experience and whilst I would always opt for my favourite café Macchiato made with fresh coffee beans whenever possible, a good coffee supplier can offer other options to suit all my coffee needs.

Fairtrade Coffee
Fairtrade coffee produce address the social and environmental issues for coffee growers by offering guaranteed minimum prices for the coffee grown providing an economic incentive for farmers to move toward sustainable agriculture. Cafedirect Coffee is the first coffee company in the UK to produce Fairtrade coffee. So I feel that when looking for a good Fairtrade coffee offering you will not go far wrong when looking at the wide range of products they offer.

Instant Coffee
When speed and convenience is essential instant coffee has its place. Formed from grounds of coffee that have usually been freeze-dried and turned into soluble powder or coffee granules. When added to water these granules then make a great alternative to the real thing, for coffee drinks on the go. Over the years I have tried many different blends of instant coffee in the quest to find the perfect speedy alternative to a freshly roasted coffee and to date my personnel favorite would be Douwe Egberts Instant coffee – Pure Gold.

Filter Coffee
This is the process of dripping hot water through a filter paper filled with ground coffee allowing all the oils and essences to filter through into Jar/Carafe, makes an excellent coffee as long as the end product is not then left to stew on a heat plate for hours before consumption. Rombouts coffee offer an excellent one cup filter system that give a great drink without any wastage, expensive equipment or coffee stewing and I would recommend you give it a try.

I recently came across a coffee supplier online called CoffeeBuyer and was very impressed that not only did they offer freshly roasted coffee beans, but a full range of coffees, covering all of the above and even offered coffee cheap and expensive to cover the whole coffee spectrum!

So don’t be a coffee snob and think that you can only enjoy a cup of coffee if it comes straight from a traditional coffee machine, Try some of theses alternatives you may be like me and be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Peter Van Zelst, the founder of Zelst Online Marketing, has over a decade’s experience of internet marketing, e-commerce, SEM and online business, 20 years in offline business and an MBA.

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