Different Coffee Tables Styles You’ll Love

EidolonaiAugust 9, 2017
modern glass coffee tables johannesburg
We all know that coffee tables are an indispensable part of the décor in any home. Not only do they provide optimal storage space for you to showcase the latest in your collection of ultra-chic coffee table books, but they add an instant touch of elegance too. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to […]

Beautiful Coffee Table Decorations

EidolonaiApril 29, 2014
white coffee table decorations
What are the exact reasons for the coffee table decorations? Perhaps, you feel bored with your table, and you need a few touches that everything becomes new, different, and more beautiful. However, there are many people who cannot put everything in the right. In fact, there are a lot of reviews that we can always […]

Tips and Review of Coffee table Centerpieces

EidolonaiApril 23, 2014
unique coffee table centerpieces
Finding coffee table centerpieces can be confusing and rather difficult. This is because coffee table as the room centerpieces plays big role in deciding the mood and the look of the overall room where it is placed. Here are some tips and also reviews of some good quality tables you may want to consider. Tips […]

Make up Your Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

EidolonaiApril 23, 2014
white coffee table decorating ideas
Coffee table is one of furniture that is often used in houses or in eatery places. This is not only a place for enjoying the coffee, but also a place where people can have a relax time and light talking with some acquaintances, friends, families or workmates. Thus, coffee table should not appear weary to […]