7 Ways to Select a Good Table Base

EidolonaiDecember 19, 2017
It might look a simple task but when it is time for the actual selection of anything, trust me it is not easy! And the selection of good table base is also no exception. Since there are so many types of designs available in the market, you need a pair of experienced eyes to find […]

Table Top Patio Heaters – The Smart Move

EidolonaiDecember 17, 2017
If you reside in a part of the world where everything doesn’t freeze over during the winter time and have usually sunny summers, or perhaps don’t have a large outdoor area a table top patio heater could well be the best choice for your circumstances. Even though table top heaters have the capability of providing […]

Getting the Longest Life From Your Cypress Table

EidolonaiDecember 17, 2017
After what seems like years of deliberation and decisions on what table to purchase, you have settled on purchasing a brand new cypress table. And with this beautiful quality investment, you want to make sure that you get the most use of it for years to come. You chose to buy a cypress table because […]

Word Table Corruption Error While Editing

EidolonaiDecember 17, 2017
Microsoft Word tables allow you to organize data in a way that can be easily read and manipulated. It is more like an organization tool, using which you can also sort your data. On occasion, you find issues while editing these tables. One of the prime causes for this behavior to occur is table corruption. […]

Choosing a Table Tennis Conversion Top

EidolonaiDecember 16, 2017
A table tennis conversion top is the just the top part of a ping pong table, the part that you play table tennis on minus the heavy, bulky legs. It can be attached to any flat surface for an instant playing surface anywhere that a player might want to set it up. A table tennis […]