Wooden Side Tables Make a House a Home

EidolonaiSeptember 16, 2017
Furniture is one of the many things, along with memories and keepsakes that make your home personal, a sanctuary and a spot to call your own. But some things, like wooden side tables, are not at the top of most people’s lists when it comes to decorating. Wooden side tables are like the Tupperware of […]

Why Wooden Side Tables Are a Good Buy

EidolonaiSeptember 16, 2017
There’s no denying the beauty and craftsmanship of a quality piece of wood furniture. But sometimes you simply don’t need all of that wood. Wooden side tables offer the same advantages of full-sized and coffee tables, in a compact version that’s useful and will fit right in with the rest of your setup. It’s just […]

Inversion Table Exercise

EidolonaiSeptember 15, 2017
Inversion tables are a wonderful way to exercise, and to relieve the stress on your back. Inversion tables are best known for relieving back problems such as disc compression, sciatica, and other types of pain down the leg. There are many types of back problems and inversion tables offer many types of exercises to relieve […]