Fire Pit Coffee Table to Make Your Warm in Unique Way

EidolonaiApril 21, 2014
wood burning fire pit coffee table
It will be a creative and amazing idea you can have by bringing a fire pit coffee table. This is how you can bring your coffee table for into your patio so that it will help you to warm you with your family while you are gathering outside the house. Fire pit will be a […]

Good Combination of Storage Trunk Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 21, 2014
wooden storage trunk coffee table
A storage trunk coffee table in your house and you will understand that this furniture can be an attraction that will make feel comfortable to stay in the house. Apart from the many reviews on luxury furnishings, you really just need to combine elements properly, without exception. Moreover, this is a very unique design and […]

Parson Coffee Table – Tips and Review

EidolonaiApril 19, 2014
unfinished parsons coffee table
Collection of parsons coffee table are known to be one of those best collections. It has various kinds and types of coffee table that will suit any home décor ideas. Here will be discussed some tips and review of some Parson’s coffee table. Tips As tips, it is important to know what kind of coffee […]

Bewitched by the Luxurious Travertine Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 16, 2014
tempo travertine coffee table
There are many materials which are varied to be made into furniture that can be cabinets, table, chairs, bed, and others. Coffee table, for example, also has different materials that can be produced by each manufacturer that can be wood, metal, glass, woven, aluminum, leather, rattan, marble, granite, trees trunk, and travertine. Each of them […]

Complete Coffee Companion with Coffee and End Table Sets

EidolonaiApril 16, 2014
wood coffee and end table sets
Every home owner must have wanted and always wanted to have complete, perfect furniture to be set in their house. Toward this, every single item must appear beautiful and functional. Coffee table, for instance, is one of the furniture that gets the attention since the usage is often considered a comfortable place to have a […]