Stays Eco Friendly with Tree Stump Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 14, 2014
wood tree stump coffee table
Every piece of furniture must have wasted some waste either from the chemicals or from the overused materials that can pollute the earth, land and water that indirectly give a bad impact to animate things. Thus, the ideas of creating tree stump coffee table for the furniture, is very agreeable choice. The materials can be […]

Vintage Touch of Wine Barrel Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 14, 2014
wine enthusiat wine barrel coffee table
Furniture does not only stand for the matter and the color they present to the home owners. Other significant factor is also the design. Design brings a special effect to the visual attraction of furniture, for example coffee table. This table will be stunning and outstanding table, which can be different from the former common […]

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table to Add Stunning Details

EidolonaiApril 12, 2014
steamer trunk coffee table stainless steel
You can make your living room look beautiful in a different way by adding a steamer trunk coffee table in it. Bringing a coffee table might not be a quite common idea that most people might have to make their living room look beautifully different with some details added, but it is what you can […]

Coffee Table Fish Tank for a Unique Living Room

EidolonaiApril 11, 2014
tropical coffee table fish tank
Adding a coffee table fish tank might be quite unfamiliar for you, but it can be a gorgeous addition to your living room. The idea is to make your coffee table look beautifully different in a unique way. Combining a fish tank with a coffee table will be a fresh idea that will give your […]

Simple and Complete Inspirations of Coffee Table With Stools

EidolonaiApril 10, 2014
wood coffee table with stools
Some people suggest coffee table with stools. The reason is simple. It would be better if you have a complete set of furniture. So, you will not be difficult to determine the exact other furniture with different types. Well, it is a very reasonable excuse. What’s more, you can prove it from the rating in […]