Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers

EidolonaiNovember 20, 2017
A hot cup of coffee is very important. It’s something that all coffee lovers usually look forward to. And, it’s always the first cup from a freshly brewed pot of coffee that tastes the best. Why doesn’t the last cup taste as well as the first cup? For one, as time goes on, coffee gets […]

Do it Yourself Coffee Spa Treatment

EidolonaiNovember 19, 2017
It’s always wonderful to have an excuse to pamper yourself, and even better if it smells like a delicious cup of Joe! Coffee has truly popular flavors and aromas, which is precisely why you will enjoy making this luxurious spa body scrub using the natural beauty benefits of coffee itself. Did you know that coffee […]

Mr Coffee Espresso Machine

EidolonaiNovember 17, 2017
Having a quality espresso maker is paramount for any avid coffee lover. Likewise, the proper machine can turn an amateur into an enthusiast. Imagine the aromas of freshly brewed espresso at your leisure. Choosing the right espresso can be a challenge, what with the selection that is out there, but it needn’t be a chore. […]

A Primer on Roasting Coffee

EidolonaiNovember 17, 2017
Each and every day millions of cups of coffee and espresso drinks are served to coffee fanatics whom may not think twice about the origins of the coffee beans used to produce those drinks. How did the beans come to be and what part of the world did they come from, and how did they […]

The Senseo Small Coffee Maker

EidolonaiNovember 16, 2017
As pioneers of the now familiar coffee pod brewing system, the Senseo brand now encompasses a line of refined small coffee makers and coffee pods. For those unfamiliar with how coffee pod systems work, the pod itself is nothing more than pre-packaged ground coffee inside its own filter. Because the grounds are contained within the […]