Cool Options of Metal And Wood Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 25, 2014
wood and metal frame coffee table
The best combination is a metal and wood coffee table. You can get the inspiration when getting it. However, it is a cool option because you can express a lot of messages. Also, you do not need to read a lot of reviews. You only need to observe the shape, style, and how it looks […]

Have a Beautiful, Unique, and Solid in Distressed Wood Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 24, 2014
white distressed wood coffee table
Every piece of furniture has its function and characteristics, including in the design. Some of the furniture, for example coffee table, has a usual design like what the table used to have. However, in fact, the point is sometimes home owners do not only consider the function of the stuff itself, but also its beauty […]

The Interesting Styles of Danish Modern Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 20, 2014
Large Round Mid Century Danish Modern Lane Coffee Table with bur
There is always a beautiful style of danish modern coffee table. This is caused by several factors such as the design and materials. Indeed, it is an important part of European style that can be applied in contemporary interiors. Meanwhile, you also need not to manage space. What is most important is how you can […]

Wood Slab Coffee Slab – Tips and Review

EidolonaiApril 19, 2014
wood slab coffee table
There is possibility that you will be confused and overwhelmed by the many options of wood slab coffee table available. In the internet, even more, there are many beautiful, unique and artistic coffee tables that suit your needs and budget. However, you need to focus on your concept and find the one that suits your […]

Stays Earthy and Safe with Reclaimed wood Coffee Tables

EidolonaiApril 18, 2014
square reclaimed wood coffee table
There are various types of furniture to purchase that can be categorized by the materials. Not many people know that some materials might spend the chemical process or contain certain substances which might affect to human’s health and living. Plastic, for instance, is the easiest thing to find but has the most dangerous effect. This […]