Round Wood Coffee Table, Endless Design for Every Gathering

EidolonaiApril 5, 2014
wood round coffee table
Wood is a common material which is made into various furniture including coffee tables. The natural color of light and deep brown, with its artistic pattern is considered as an attraction. This makes it easily matched with both interior and exterior layout designs. Besides, it is also solid and durable, which can be used for […]

Endless Designs in Distressed Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 2, 2014
distressed pine coffee table
Furniture has their functions and characteristics, including in the design. Some of the furniture, for example coffee table, has a usual design like what the table used to have. However, in fact, the point is sometimes home owners do not only consider the function of the stuff itself, but also its beauty that leads to […]

The Amazing Styles of Rustic Coffee Tables

EidolonaiApril 1, 2014
Rustic wooden coffee table
The main concern at the rustic coffee tables is a remarkable impression of raw materials. As we know, this is a type that has the characteristics of the rough wood. However, it is also very important in asserting a distinctive look, as well as enhances the concept of furniture. Thus, it is not surprising that […]