Cherry Picker, Boom Lift and Lift Tables – The Need of Competent Industrialists

Eidolonai March 8, 2018

Cherry Picker, Boom Lift and Lift tables are unique contribution of machine handling equipment industries. Structured in function and designed to give utmost result these equipments are furnished with emerging technology. Demanded highly by big construction and transportation industries, these machine handling equipments are of optimum quality. With a combo of scientific and manual power these equipments are marks of excellence in themselves. Used in every developed industry, machine handling equipments have generated huge demand in the mechanical market. Prior choice of every big firm, these equipments meet all the national and international standard of effective machining. Cost effective and imbued with safety measures these unique equipments are at par in technology.

Lift tables are the most diversified equipment manufactured by machine handling equipment industries. Intended to lift heavy materials from once place to another this equipment is extremely useful. With exceptional quality of raising and lowering materials, used mostly by construction industries these tables incorporate hydraulic cylinders and an electrical motor to operate perfectly. Incorporated with a trait of loading and unloading heavy goods it denies the need of labor force. Used for various purposes apart from loading and unloading, this lift tables at times are used as wheelchairs lifts for disabled or handicapped people as well.

Cherry Picker as the name suggests, were traditionally known to be used to pick cherries from huge trees which was impossible for manual labors to do. Today, with the advent of technology, its functionality and structure has change. Earlier used to pick only cherries and performing odd jobs, today it is extremely beneficial in doing high end jobs where it seems important to rise above elevated height from ground. Used for service telephone, cable television, electrical equipment on poles, shooting videos and other various functions, it is also known as man lift, basket crane, and boom lift or hydra ladder. This equipment consists of a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system, designed for a person to stand in or work from. Lift tables used in various mining and construction company helps to transfer heavy loads from one place to another.

Ensured with effective safety measures, these machine handling equipment work dynamically. With a need to accomplish big jobs these equipments are extremely helpful. Used in warehousing, heavy machinery, metal-working and transportation industries Lift tables meet all resonance parameter. Incorporated with sound features and best technology Cherry Picker and Boom Lift are widely used in material handling equipment industries.

Air Technical Industries is a manufacturer of material handling equipment and automated machines like lift tables. The company offers a diversified line of over 2,000 standard product models that include boom lift, cherry picker and engine hoist



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