Choosing Between Slate Or MDF Pool Table Top

Eidolonai February 2, 2018

For billiard enthusiasts, having their own billiard supplies and equipment is very important. It only fortifies their passion and love for the billiards sport. At the heart of their billiard supplies acquisition is a pool table. This is the most basic piece of gaming equipment that any billiard player should have.

When choosing this particular item, careful planning and thorough research should be done as pool tables can come in different materials. Usually the two options you will be given is a slate or an MDF pool table top. These two different types of material have its own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them is important to help you choose what’s best for you.

A slate pool table top has an excellent and even playing surface. This is the only type of table top that has been approved for tournament use. It is extremely stable that balls will roll smoothly on its surface and at precise directions giving you a feel on how it is like to be in a tournament play. Slate table tops are also very durable. They are able to withstand water spills and moisture and wouldn’t warp or sag easily. The disadvantage, however, is that these slates are very heavy. Transporting and installing them is very difficult and cumbersome.

MDF table tops are otherwise known as medium density fiberboard surfaces. They are flat pieces made from compressed tiny pieces of wood or sawdust similar to what we see in particle boards. They are extremely lightweight and will make a suitable playing surface for any home use. Their lightweight structure makes it easy for them to be transported around. When these things break down, repairs are very affordable since the make of the material is far cheaper than slate. A disadvantage in using the MDF table tops is that they can readily warp or sag once they are exposed to water, moisture or highly humid environment.

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