Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Table

Eidolonai January 11, 2018

Making the choice of a new dining room table can be difficult, but enough research will lead you to the perfect table for your family. And if you want a quality piece of furniture you should be shopping for a solid wood dining room table. The quality will cost a little more than a comparable composite table, but the solid wood dining room table will last much longer. In fact it will probably outlast you and your kids will be fighting over it.

Dining table is a necessary commodity for a family. This will be a part to your cherish able moments of eating along with family and friends. In many families meals is gathering part of the whole family in each and every day. There dining table got its space to be part with you all. The beauty and elegance of a dining table improves this kind of gatherings making all of them feel its presence.

Before buying a new table, you need to also be aware of the size of their square dining table. Avoid buying tables that are too small for your dining room or too big for your dining room. This will not only make your dining area look less appealing, but you will also be wasting your money on that table that you bought.

Large oval tables display an air of regality and elegance, so they are the best choice for houses with a large dining room, and an equally large family or frequent number of guests. Heirloom or special tablecloths look attractive draped over a large oval table, and can be held in place by a customized glass table top as an option.

Think about the uses you will get out of your new table. Because dining room tables can be used for more than just eating on, you may be thinking about a table that can come in handy for a poker game or board games with the family. Thinking about these things before you go shopping will help you when you are looking around for what you want. You will also go in knowing what you want in advance.

Like most things on the market, dining room tables come in an extensive variety of colors, sizes and styles. The color of your table will most likely be determined by what the table is made from (cherry wood, oak, metal etc.). The key to picking an appropriate color is to simply match the other materials you may be using in your dining room or if the dining table is your first piece of furniture, simply choose the color you like best.

There’s no one standard finishing to a wooden dining table. It all comes down to personal preference. The safest suggestion I can give is to use the same kind of stain that you used on other furnishing in the house. This way, all furniture will come together in a blend of style. But if you are to make table more durable, you may consider using multiple levels of clear coats.

If you have a home that is more modern, you might consider a table with clean lines, sharp edges, and a light wood finish, if not glass. On the other hand, if you have a country dining room you may want to consider going with a French country look to add a little age and comfort to your dining room.

One of the most popular styles is the round pedestal table. These are made for smaller rooms and designed to seat six or less people. Most come with a leaf that will expand the table by about eighteen inches to seat at least two more. The pedestal on these tables expands as well with a plain wheeled leg to hold the center of the table up.

Many of these plans will require a planer to smooth & plane the pieces to their proper thickness & smoothness. If you do not have a planer, you may be able to have the wood cut & planed through your lumber supplier.

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