Choosing the Right Coffee Table for your Space

Eidolonai August 31, 2017
coffee table tray styling

The coffee table is one of the most noticeable pieces of furniture in your home. It occupies a central point in the living room, which happens to be one of the most used spaces in any house. It can also be a hefty investment, especially when you’re having it customised or purchasing a unique upscale piece from a high-end store. Apart from the style and size of your budget, you still have the size and décor scheme of the space to consider, as well as your lifestyle. For tips on how to find the perfect coffee table for your space, read on:

Before you start shopping, establish a budget and stick to it. While it might be tempting, don’t go breaking the bank to buy a super expensive coffee table when you can find equally stylish and similar designs at a fraction of the price. Rather, use the expensive piece as inspiration and shop around for similar options that coincide with your budget.

You’ll want to choose a coffee table that’s made from a material that complements your lifestyle. For example, we all know that glass coffee tables work great for sleek contemporary spaces. However, if you have toddlers around then you’ll probably have to clean it often, which takes out the fun of having it in the first place. Also, buying a wooden coffee table is probably not a good idea if you’re averse to using coasters. So choose a coffee table that fits in with your lifestyle preferences as much as it does with your home design, and you’ll be happy with having it in the long term.

While most people opt for square shaped coffee tables, there are lots of interesting shapes available for you to consider, and each adds a particular vibe to the space. For instance, a circular or oval shaped coffee table could add a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine design arrangement. On the other hand, square tables work great for traditionally designed spaces, while octagonal tables are ideal for anyone with an unconventional style.

If the space allows, opt for two tables instead of one. There’s nothing cuter than three circle-shaped mini coffee tables as the centrepiece of a spacious living room. You can take it a step further by choosing differently coloured tables to play off each other for an adventurous setting.

Despite the wide variety of available options, it’s important to take into consideration your own style when choosing a coffee table. Consider how it will fit within the context of your colour palette, for example, or even the variety of shapes you might have in your living room space. Depending on your preferences, a coffee table doesn’t have to be an exact fit. You can use it to create a contrast, as in the case of a wooden coffee table in a space decorated in an industrial minimalist style. So don’t be afraid to explore and go for bold choices, while staying true to your own unique style.

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