Choosing the Right Kind of Coffee Grinder

Eidolonai March 22, 2018

It’s amazing really how many people love to drink coffee, yet settle for the inferior taste of instant or pre-bought grounds.  While coffee that has already been milled is certainly a step in the right direction, it is a far cry from actually grinding your own.

Only by grinding coffee beans yourself can you ensure a more flavorsome, richer tasting cup of coffee every time.  So, if you love drinking coffee and you want to improve the taste then you need to invest in a dedicated coffee grinder.

The reason is perfectly simpe.  Coffee you buy, either instant of pre-grounded is likely to of already been compromised.  You see, coffee doesn’t react very well to air exposure.  In fact the longer the grounds have been exposed to air the greater the chance that they will have oxidized.  This can result in a very bitter tasting experience and is less than ideal.

The answer is to swap grounded coffee with actual coffee beans and grind them yourself.  The outer-shell of the bean is completely sealed, resulting in perfectly fresh coffee grounds every time you mill your own.

Unfortunately there are a few different types of coffee grinders that we need to analyse before you pay a visit to the local store.  That said, any coffee grinder will produce a much better tasting cup of coffee than any pre-purchased ground coffee. 

Those of you looking for a comparison, here’s what you need to know:

Crusher Style Coffee Grinder:

Works by attempting to compress the coffee beans into grounds.  Although this method does work, it’s not ideal as the grounds tend to be irregular sized and therefore not suitable for making Turkish style coffee that is extremely fine.

Blade Style Coffee Grinder:

Rotates very fast, and much like a juicer slices the coffee beans repeatedly to achieve grounds.  Again, this method isn’t ideal as although the grounds are more consistent than that produced by a crusher grinder they are still not completely uniform.  Also, these types of grinders can be very noisy.

Burr Style Coffee Grinder:

If you’re serious about making decent coffee, then a burr grinder should be the choice you make.  Available in two forms the flat base burr and the conical burr offer any coffee lover the ultimate way in preparing amazing tasting coffee.  They work by grinding the coffee beans between two steel burrs that can be manually adjusted to the desired height to suit almost any coffee recipe you care to make.

The main difference between the two apart from the shape of the burrs is that the conical is able to rotate at far slower speeds.  This is important, not only because the grinder with not be as noisy, but because the potential for heat-build-up is dramatically reduced.  The faster a grinder rotates the more friction is produced; this in turn means more heat is omitted that can be passed directly to the coffee grounds potentially ruining the brew.

Therefore, if you can afford the modest investment of a conical grinder, your coffee will taste better for many years to come.

There is no doubt that conical burr grinders offer any real coffee lover the chance to experience better tasting coffee. For more information, including a must read review of the highly touted Kitchenaid coffee grinder make sure you visit us today.


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