Coffee As A Social Compliment

Eidolonai December 24, 2017

As Americans we have adopted coffee as a daily household beverage to be enjoyed every way imaginable. There are stronger cappuccino varieties to bold brews to mild tasting coffees to be experimented with.

Coffee appears to have originated in Ethiopia. It then moved throughout Europe and eventually around the world. As coffee houses pop up all around the country their themes are as varied as the coffees themselves.

The atmospheres created in coffee houses range from the quiet and cozy to the loud and high strung. Many of them promote the arts in one form or another. Americans have adopted coffee the way the English were noted for their tea drinking.

Coffee seems to have replaced the dinner date. Since there are now so many restaurants dedicated just to coffee, it seems appropriate to have a date just for coffee and a pastry or a scone. I’m not so sure this is entirely a bad idea as it promotes more conversation and less worry about expense and what you will have to eat. It is much easier to have a discussion when there is less to think about and sipping coffee gives you less to concentrate on.

There are many coffee houses that offer pastries to compliment certain coffees. Most Americans will tell you that they are not awake until a certain amount of coffee is consumed.

The caffeine in coffee is one of the perks to regular consumption. It awakens the senses and speeds the heart so that blood is moving faster, thereby giving us the feeling of being more awake or energetic. Consumed in too great of quantities coffee is known to cause problems for people with high blood pressure and cause sleeplessness.

There are many other possible health problems associated with caffeine that can be researched to make sure this is a safe beverage for you. However, when consumed in moderation, it is quite enjoyable and delicious and should pose no danger to the health. There are so many varieties one is sure to find at least one to enjoy.

Janet Lynn Louis is a home maker and freelance graphic artist who lives in south Florida. Her most recent site was built for Gevalia to highlight the Gevalia Coffee club. Did you know you can get a free Gevalia Coffee Maker just for joining?

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