Coffee Bean Roasters – Which Brand Should I Choose?

Eidolonai November 1, 2017

Do you know that the more bitter the coffee tastes, the longer ago the coffee beans had been roasted? Instead of drinking burnt-tasting coffee, you can save both money and time by roasting your own coffee beans. The beauty of roasting your own coffee beans by means of a coffee bean roaster is that you can control the degree of roast that is applied to the coffee beans; thereby you can control the taste of the coffee you brew yourself.

Once coffee beans are roasted they become more susceptible to loss of flavor and aroma. Even when they’re vacuum packed, freshly roasted coffee beans worsen over time, therefore can you imagine when you see them sitting in bins for days on end? Well, it happens more frequently than you think. That’s why streetwise coffee bar owners will roast their green coffee beans in small batches throughout the day to preserve that rich aroma and flavor you pay a premium for.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll be pleased to know how fast and simple it is to roast your own special batch at home. There’s a favorite saying among coffee lovers, that life’s too short for bad coffee. Truer words were never spoken, especially after you’ve experienced the flavor of coffee prepared from freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans.

Although you can certainly roast coffee beans using just an old fashioned crank style popcorn popper, it can take a while and produce uneven roasting. A speedier and greater option is to use a home coffee roasting machine. Two of the most popular types for home use are the radiant heat drum roaster and the fluid bed roaster.

Most people will be happy to get started with the fluid bed roaster. They are simplified and easy to use and to clean and will work as if it were a hot air popcorn popper. Using heated air, the beans are circularized within a roasting chamber for steady and quick roasting. Most fluid bed coffee bean roasters have a glass roasting chamber that you can watch the beans as they roast and check to see if they are roasted to your liking.

For those who enjoy a more hands-on professional coffee roasting experience, the radiant heat drum roaster may be a better selection. The quality of the freshly roasted bean using a drum coffee bean roaster equals that of the professional roaster. Be aware though, that many machines of this type can emit a lot of smoke while roasting, so special ventilation might be required.

Coffee bean roasters are available in many variations and range in price from under $ 100 to nearly $ 1,000, all depending on the sum of beans that you want to roast at any given time. You can find coffee bean roasters in online retail sites and stores all around the country.

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