Coffee Grinders by Starbucks Recalled!

Eidolonai March 21, 2018

If you too are a user of a coffee grinder to give you a fresh brew every morning, then I am sure that you are wondering why these grinders have been recalled, and what sort of issues they were causing to their owners? Starbucks actually had to recall 530,000 of their grinders because they were turning on by themselves as if possessed. Every home grinder is designed to be completely safe so that you can easily use it for your personal brewing pleasure to give a fresh taste by grinding your own beans.

The unfortunate incidents that happened with the Starbucks grinders are the fact that three people had lacerations on their hands while they were cleaning their grinders as they turned on unexpectedly! To me, this sounds like my worst fear realized because I would hate to have my hand injured by my very own home grinder.

In addition to those three injuries, Starbucks also had 173 other reports filed with the issues of the grinder not turning off or turning on by itself. Users of this type of grinder can turn it in to Starbucks and get a free replacement, though I am sure that they may have been a little scarred, so to speak.

These same grinders were sold in Seattle’s Best Coffee shops for over seven years, and they retail at about $ 30. You could actually get the “Barista Blade Grinder” in a huge rainbow of colors, like pink, teal, orange, green, red, black, brown, and olive. The finish itself is stainless steel, and it has the logo of either Seattle’s Best or Starbucks. This is not the normal activity of a home coffee grinder, so make sure that you are practicing the utmost safety with any of your devices by unplugging them completely before cleaning them or reaching your hand into the area with the blades. Obviously, we never want to encounter any kind of issues where you may be injured by your home appliances, so these reports were completely shocking.

Coffee grinders are normally used by expert fans of Java to grind all of their beans freshly at home to give them a more premium flavor profile. If you happen to be purchasing your beans pre-ground in the store, then know that they have already gone stale because the freshness of a ground bean is only good for about two hours.

That is why it is completely important to purchase a quality home grinder so that you can grind your beans directly before brewing. Don’t let these type of reports scare you off when you are looking for a home grinder for your beans because there are so many safe options available to you to add freshness to your cup of Joe. Some of the available types to look for are the conical burr grinder, the wheel burr grinder, and the blade grinder. Regardless of your choice in coffee grinder, be sure to practice safety so that you can always enjoy a fresh brew that will not let you down!

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