Coffee Industry In Chikmagalur, A Unique Cultivation

Eidolonai September 24, 2017

Chikmagalur located in the southwest of the Indian state of Karnataka is a beautiful and historic town situated in the hills known as Baba Budan. In the environs of a tranquil charming town situated in a region which boasts many scenic delights, the visitor will see streams, valleys and hills adorned with pure white coffee blooms that never fail to enchant. The region also features numerous sites considered sacred associated with the traditional Indian epics, the Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Indisputably Chikmagalur is the birthplace of the Indian coffee industry. According to tradition the first coffee seeds were planted on the Baba Budan Giri Hills in the environs of Chikmagalur approximately 350 years ago. According to legend a Muslim devotee Baba Budan secretly brought seven coffee seeds from Mecca where he had journeyed on pilgrimage. This mystical pilgrim is said to have planted the seeds in the confines of his garden, which is said to have been the source of Chikamagalurs coffee industry.
Today many different kinds of coffee are grown in the Chikmagalur area. Arabica coffee is a noted product, offering an ideal amount of caffeine to give you just the right kick. The coffee is prepared to a slight copper colour, with just the right amount of sugar. It is often enjoyed as bed coffee.
Panduranga coffee grown on a relatively small scale is roasted to the ideal degree producing a drink that is heady in flavour and aroma. This distinctive beverage is usually prepared with milk. An alternative is conventional black coffee served with black jaggery rather than sugar.
Another variety of note is Vanilla coffee. To create this delicious drink vanilla beans are immersed in the coffee preparation creating a unique delicate flavour.
Not to be missed is Mysore coffee, which is moderate in strength and exceedingly aromatic; aficionados prefer to sample it with aromatic herbs and considerable additions of mint. Mysore coffee also lends itself to ready mixing with other varieties of coffee.
Various blended coffees are also produced in Chikmagalur, and there is sure to be a variety that will appeal to each visitor.
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