Coffee Lovers and The K Cup Coffee Maker

Eidolonai January 13, 2018

K Cup coffee is simply the easiest way to virtually guarantee a coffee-house-quality cup of coffee every time. All it takes for a great cup of coffee is a specially designed single-cup coffee maker and a K Cup filled with the perfect amount of coffee for an 8 ounce cup.

The K Cup is a plastic container filled with a single portion of coffee that’s tightly sealed with a foil lid to ensure the coffee tastes as fresh as the day the cup was filled. To make the coffee, simply insert the K Cup into the coffee maker and place the coffee mug on the brewing platform. When you turn the coffee maker on, a hole is pierced in both the top and bottom of the K Cup and a stream of pressurized hot water is sent through the K Cup to brew the coffee and dispense it directly into the mug. There is virtually no clean up either, all you need to do is dispose of the used K Cup and wipe up any spills.

One of the great benefits of having a K Cup coffee brewer in the home setting is that you can offer guests a great cup of coffee in the flavor and caffeine level of their choice. With standard 12-cup coffee makers you can only brew one coffee choice at a time so everyone drinks the same. With this device and enough flavors on hand, you can brew 12 different cups of coffee in just a few minutes.

Other advantages include the elimination of throwing out half full pots of old coffee; and there’s no need to make sure there are filters on hand, that the coffee scoop is in the coffee can, or to worry about breaking the glass pot and having to search for a replacement.

K Cup coffee makers are also a great addition to the work place. The biggest benefit is that the smell and mess of coffee burned to the bottom of a glass pot is a non-issue because no one needs to remember to turn off the coffee maker and throw out the dregs.

A K Cup coffee maker can range in price from around $99 up to $250. While the initial investment may seem a bit expensive, when you compare it to the number of $4 cups of fancy coffee purchased at the neighborhood gourmet coffee shop, this K Cup coffee maker can pay for itself pretty quickly.

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